Go Get Your Dreams

It all starts with a vision in our mind’s eye.  That vision permeates through our body and we feel it in our hearts and our being is infused with excitement!  You can see your vision or your idea in all its glory! And it’s REAL!

As we journey along, doubts may appear in the form of your own internal chatterbox or the opinions of others.  Remember to hold that original thought in your head and heart and replicate the feeling it produced.

Your vision may need a lot of preparation and/or planning.  You may need to do research or take a course of study.  Things may not go “the way’ you expected or you may find yourself going down a different route entirely.

When I had my dance school, every year I directed and choreographed a show.  I visualised the end product and found music that inspired and uplifted myself, the dancers and the audience.  I needed to feel the connection.

It was by no means an easy journey.  With the help of a couple of others (and right people always manifest if you are doing something for the highest good) we managed to literally move a mountain in 16 weeks.

There were 30 dances to choreograph, over 300 costumes, running orders, programs, backstage arrangements, on the day helpers and lots of dealings with the local authorities.

Sometimes we slid back down the mountain but the next day was a fresh start.

I broke the project down into daily achievable tasks, ticking off reams of lists and that in itself brought a sense of satisfaction. At times it seemed impossible and I felt like giving up but something always kicked in and I got back on my way to creating something special.

Yes, anything we really want is hard work however every year the curtain opened and we were there with the biggest smiles on our faces.

As humans, we really can do anything if we set our minds to it!

So if you can think it and absolutely believe you can, then it’s yours for the taking!

Go and get your dreams!