Let’s be a ray of sunshine

To all those we meet……

We can all spread light and joy into the world on a daily basis by bringing happiness into the lives of others.

A simple gesture of kindness goes a long way.  To be a ray of sunshine is to make other people feel happy, whatever the situation or wherever we are.

It can be as easy as a gorgeous smile that comes from the very atom of our being or giving a compliment to either somebody you know or a total stranger. We can listen to someone that needs our help or advice.  Tell a joke, even if it’s a bit cheesy or corny! Be silly! Clown around! Buy a coffee for the person in the queue behind you!

Let’s be like the sun and exude warmth into the world! The more we shine, the brighter the world becomes!

“Just one ray of sunshine is enough to dispel millions of shadows”  Francis of Assisi