Silence is Golden

Silent and listen………. They are the same word containing the same letters.

How many times have we all had a gut feeling and not acted upon it.  Even down to something quite small.  I know many a time I’ve had a feeling, not followed it and found that my intuition was absolutely right afterwards.  We’ve quite often lost the ability to trust that inner voice.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the voice from within can be drowned by the outer sounds.  Everyday noise, the opinions of others and many other outside influences can dim our connection to ourselves.

The more we can listen to the silence within, the stronger our relationship with it will become.

It’s the space where answers flow easily and readily, if we pay attention.

The outside world still exists.  We can still hear it and sense it if we close our eyes.  However by turning our focus within, we can experience a very different and peaceful reality.

To sit or lay quietly in this space for even 10 minutes a day has both physical and mental benefits to our overall well-being.  It can help us see our outer reality from a completely different angle and perspective. We can connect to that spark that is within every single one of us.  The spark that connects us and everything around us.

To sit quietly and connect is self-care.  It will sharpen up the voice that we have lost touch with and we will start to trust in our feelings a lot more.  To be silent is to listen, to listen is to be silent.

Trust your intuition.