Body health and Fitness Coach

 Our body is the one instrument that we have from the moment we are born to the point of our last breath.

As adults, how we look after our bodies is entirely up to us.

Everyday, our bodies work tirelessly for us and they are nothing short of miraculous.  They perform continuously as we go about our day to day lives.

We may be holding onto negative connotations about our bodies and now it’s time to release those thoughts and start appreciating the wonder that is you.

The body needs balance.  Exercise, good nutrition, relaxation and self-care are necessary for your machine to run smoothly.  Think of your body as a beautiful expensive sports car and give it the same care, love and respect.

Body Health and Fitness Course

We offer an amazing 6 week intensive course that will get you back on track with your health and fitness and ready to step the “New You” out into the world.

What will we be covering in this exciting 6-week course?

  • The relationship we have with our bodies and how this impacts our lives.
  • What we feed our bodies physically, spiritually, and mentally and how we can monitor this and make any necessary changes.
  • Setting realistic goals to help us reach our ultimate weight.
  • Looking at and releasing any negative or limiting beliefs we have about ourselves that stop us from being the best that we can be.
  • We will be examining small and achievable ways for us to feel good daily and how to instantly lift your spirits.
  • We will be working with Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” to release any blocks you may still be holding onto regarding your health and/or your weight.
  • Setting and creating vision boards to have visual access to your desired outcomes, goals, dreams, and desires.
  • Giving you an individual exercise plan and routines that reflect your current level of health and physical ability. The more we move, the better we start to feel about ourselves.

“Healthy minds lead to healthy bodies and healthy bodies lead to healthy minds.”