Let’s be a ray of sunshine


Let’s be a ray of sunshine To all those we meet…… We can all spread light and joy into the world on a daily basis by bringing happiness into the lives of others. A simple gesture of kindness goes a long way.  To be a ray of sunshine is to make other people feel [...]

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Silence is Golden


Silence is Golden Silent and listen………. They are the same word containing the same letters. How many times have we all had a gut feeling and not acted upon it.  Even down to something quite small.  I know many a time I’ve had a feeling, not followed it and found that my intuition was [...]

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Go Get Your Dreams


Go Get Your Dreams It all starts with a vision in our mind’s eye.  That vision permeates through our body and we feel it in our hearts and our being is infused with excitement!  You can see your vision or your idea in all its glory! And it’s REAL! As we journey along, doubts [...]

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