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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is commonly referred to as psychological acupressure.

The therapy aims to release emotional blockages within the body’s energy system.

As with many other therapies, EFT works on the premise that the body contains energy channels. When these energy channels become blocked or unbalanced, it is believed to lead to emotional and physical illness.

Using tapping techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique looks to correct these imbalances.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique incorporates theories from holistic therapies such as acupressure, energy medicine and neuro-linguistic programming.

Many eastern medicine models are founded on the belief that there are channels of energy within the body.

It is thought that when these channels (known as meridians) become blocked, energy becomes unbalanced.

When this happens, it is thought to lead to physical and emotional symptoms.

In the western world, we are beginning to catch up with the premise that emotional health is imperative to physical health. As well as affecting our health, emotional blocks can lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours.

This may result in phobias, anxiety, depression or even addictions.

EFT acknowledges this and combines energy medicine with psychological interventions for a truly holistic approach to health.

In a similar way to acupuncture, EFT looks to release blocked energy by stimulating the meridian points.

Rather than using needles however, this therapy uses tapping techniques.

Tapping (using the fingertips) on certain points on the body, combined with voicing positive affirmations is thought to neutralise the emotional block in energy.

How does EFT work?

EFT practitioners believe negative emotions and illness are interlinked.

Physical problems create emotional responses and emotional problems often manifest as physical symptoms. For this reason, it is important to approach healing in a holistic manner, looking at both emotional and physical energy.

Emotional Freedom Technique aims to tackle both the negative emotions and unbalanced or blocked energy. This is done by tapping meridian points on the body while focusing on the issue and repeating positive affirmations.

This combination of stimulating meridian points whilst thinking about root causes enables the energy system to ‘straighten out’. This is believed to eradicate the ‘short circuit’ to the body’s learnt response or negative emotion.

The basic technique involves repeating a positive affirmation then focusing on the concern (for example anxiety) while tapping on each meridian point. This is a very basic method and I may advise you on variants of this depending on what you are addressing.

What can it help with?

A well-known motto within the EFT community is “try it on everything”. Because the therapy is non-invasive, entirely natural, and safe, there is nothing to lose by trying it on any issue. Advocates of the therapy say it can offer long-lasting relief and often works where other approaches fail.

EFT works well for recurring problems as they aim to tackle the root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms.

Below is a list of issues people commonly turn to EFT for:

  • addiction
  • depression
  • fears and phobias
  • stress
  • pain management
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • trauma
  • anger management
  • weight loss
  • insomnia
  • releasing limiting and outdated beliefs

Is it safe?

Emotional Freedom Technique has no known negative side effects and is considered very safe. There are certain situations that a qualified EFT therapist will be better equipped to handle however, such as:

  • situations where emotions are heightened
  • situations where problem appears to get worse
  • knowing points to avoid when pregnant

If you are unsure, be sure to speak to a professional EFT practitioner and inform your doctor of any new therapies you are trying.

With regards to EFT, its simplicity is its beauty.